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About Us

Simplifying Compliance

Leading Edge, LLC has been providing information technology services for more than twenty-five years in the healthcare industry.  In order for us to provide the best services to our clients, we knew we needed to develop our expertise in HIPAA compliance services due to the rising security risks that faced our clients.  

Therefore, to provide the best and impartial service to IT providers, we have removed ourselves from the IT services business.. 

Today's medical practices are faced with new security challenges in this electronic era. Compliance rules were intended to be a framework for how to best ensure the privacy of Electronic Private Health Information (EPHI).

We apply proven HIPAA compliance tools to ensure accuracy and a complete risk analysis of your current policies and methodologies as an impartial third party between the practice and IT provider.

While HIPAA laws can be complex, we have simplified the process to obtain compliance best practices using a 5-step procedure involving assessments, analysis, security options, implementation, and risk management.

It is often difficult for healthcare practices' designated Health Security Officer (HSO) to not only know and understand the HIPAA laws as well as maintain and manage compliance.  We empower your HSO so they have the confidence to perform their responsibilities to the highest degree.