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HIPAA / MIPS 2019 best practices

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Now more than ever, HIPAA compliance is crucial for protecting your practice and the privacy of your patients.  

While your IT Provider typically applies some form of the HIPAA Security Rule to protect Electronic Private Health Information (EPHI), they often do not provide sufficient allowances to meet HIPAA guidelines.

We verify the efforts of your IT Provider and communicate any exceptions that require remediation.  We will work with you, the practice, as well as the IT Provider to ensure the proper steps are taken to achieve the desired level of HIPAA Compliance.

Self assessments by the practice and the IT Provider not only have the risk of leaving gaps in your compliance, but may also violate HIPAA laws.

While HIPAA Laws are quite cumbersome, we simplify the code to easily integrate into your daily operations.  


Turn to us as your objective third party to ensure your practice and IT Providers are adhering to required policies. We  understand your business and security needs and are also information technology experts.

While only the government can determine if a practice is 100% HIPAA compliant, we ensure the security policies and procedures are adhering to the best practices to obtain and maintain  compliance.


Are you in need of HIPAA compliance?

Guidelines to determine if HIPAA applies to your business. 

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